Grey Wolf Hike (Monique Dever)

On Saturday the 29th March, Monique Dever together with Madison, Isabella, Taryn, Raksha & Kanga walked from Pennant Hills Station to Epping Station along the Mambara and Kurrajong Tracks.

Due to track work we took the bus and made candy bracelets on the way.  We coloured our hair in Hornsby Heights colours with hairspray before heading into the bush.

We had lunch at the first creek where we saw a baby water dragon and collected pink bell flowers. We took a detour along the Epping Track to Whale rock and climbed all over it.

After a break by the creek and climbed over rocks which ended in Taryn getting wet.  We decided to dance in the puddles on a nearby weir.

We made it back to Epping Station wet, dirty and only half an hour late because we were having so much fun.  Here are some of the photos we took on our walk:

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