Why the comb was blue

On Friday night my mum, my dad and I were getting ready for cubs. My mum does not normally go to Cubs, she only came tonight because it was MUMS PAMPER NIGHT at the scout hall. My mum had to bring a towel and comb.

We got ready and went to the scout hall. When we got there we did opening parade and my six, red six was the duty six.

For mums pamper night we had four activities they were: makeup, hair, foot spa and nail polish.

The first activity we did was makeup and I put red lipstick and gold eye shadow on my mum.

The next activity that I did was hair.  I wet my mum’s hair and combed it then put some more water on my mum’s hair so the hair chalk worked.  I used blue hair chalk and put it on. After I put the blue in her hair I combed it out but I accidently made the comb blue! My mum’s hair looked really nice.

The next activity was the foot spa.  We had a bucket full of water, it actually had salts in it. I scraped of the dead skin and massaged my mum’s foot.

We went to the last station and it was nail polish.  I carefully put black nail polish on my mum’s right hand then put purple on the left hand.  Once the right hand was dry I put some nice sparkly green nail polish on and then when the other hand was dry, I put some different coloured sparkly nail polish on.  So my mum had sparkly nails!

After that we played hockey with newspapers and had closing parade.  I then went home with my mum who looked nice and had a new coloured blue comb.


Wombat Cubs

12 May 2014

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