My Experience at Family Camp

My best_MG_5139 part of the weekend was the campfire & toasting marshmallows.
When I was invested it was awesome to be thrown in (with my uniform on) by Kanga.
I also liked the go-karts,  swimming & canoes.
                               By Neeve Becchio — new chum
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Queen Scout Presentation (Mia Capper)

Congratulations to Mia Capper, the latest 1st Hornsby Heights Venturer to be presented with the Queen Scout Award, the highest honour for a Venturer in Australia.

Despite not having any previous history in the Scouting Movement, Mia was determined to get the Award when she joined Venturers, and has been a role model to younger Vennies looking for inspiration for their own Queen Scout journey.

Thanks to everyone who came to the award presentation at Wahroonga and spoke about their time in Venturers with Mia.

For more information on the Queen Scout Award, click here.

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Wombats Explore the Blue Mountains

What a wonderful adventure to the Blue Mountains!

Thanks to the leaders and parent helpers, as well as the Cubs themselves, for making it a success.

Some highlights of our trip included the wonderful bushwalks to Sunset Rock and Pulpit Rock for a Scout’s Own, with amazing views of the Kanimbla Valley and Kanagra Walls; trekking down to a cave with a waterfall; the dead bat body in the boys’ dorm; and an awesome campfire with SMORES – some for the first time!


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Why the comb was blue

On Friday night my mum, my dad and I were getting ready for cubs. My mum does not normally go to Cubs, she only came tonight because it was MUMS PAMPER NIGHT at the scout hall. My mum had to bring a towel and comb.

We got ready and went to the scout hall. When we got there we did opening parade and my six, red six was the duty six.

For mums pamper night we had four activities they were: makeup, hair, foot spa and nail polish.

The first activity we did was makeup and I put red lipstick and gold eye shadow on my mum.

The next activity that I did was hair.  I wet my mum’s hair and combed it then put some more water on my mum’s hair so the hair chalk worked.  I used blue hair chalk and put it on. After I put the blue in her hair I combed it out but I accidently made the comb blue! My mum’s hair looked really nice.

The next activity was the foot spa.  We had a bucket full of water, it actually had salts in it. I scraped of the dead skin and massaged my mum’s foot.

We went to the last station and it was nail polish.  I carefully put black nail polish on my mum’s right hand then put purple on the left hand.  Once the right hand was dry I put some nice sparkly green nail polish on and then when the other hand was dry, I put some different coloured sparkly nail polish on.  So my mum had sparkly nails!

After that we played hockey with newspapers and had closing parade.  I then went home with my mum who looked nice and had a new coloured blue comb.


Wombat Cubs

12 May 2014

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Grey Wolf Hike (Monique Dever)

On Saturday the 29th March, Monique Dever together with Madison, Isabella, Taryn, Raksha & Kanga walked from Pennant Hills Station to Epping Station along the Mambara and Kurrajong Tracks.

Due to track work we took the bus and made candy bracelets on the way.  We coloured our hair in Hornsby Heights colours with hairspray before heading into the bush.

We had lunch at the first creek where we saw a baby water dragon and collected pink bell flowers. We took a detour along the Epping Track to Whale rock and climbed all over it.

After a break by the creek and climbed over rocks which ended in Taryn getting wet.  We decided to dance in the puddles on a nearby weir.

We made it back to Epping Station wet, dirty and only half an hour late because we were having so much fun.  Here are some of the photos we took on our walk:

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White Water Rafting

On Sunday 9 February, our Venturer Unit went to Penrith Whitewater Stadium as part of their (belated) end-of-year celebrations.

Thanks to some intrepid parent helpers, the Vennies left early on Sunday morning to head west. An hour later, they were greeted by the super-helpful staff at the Stadium, who were ready to lead them through the rapids.

Though some had rafted before, for most, this was the first time they’d had the chance to jump into a rubber dinghy and be tossed about in some terrifying water rapids. Fortunately, everyone had a blast.

The weather was perfect – hot and sunny – which meant that people ended up in the water more than they were probably supposed to. But thanks to the knowledgeable staff at the Stadium, by the end of the session, everyone was a pro.

Don’t take our word for it – check out the video below to see how the day really went!

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Family Camp Reminder

Don’t forget, Family Camp is coming soon!

Family Camp will be held on the weekend of Friday 7 to Sunday 9 March at Glenrock Scout Centre (here). A number of the leaders will be travelling up on Friday afternoon to start setting up the campsite and you are invited to come up on Friday. If this does not suit, you are also able to come on Saturday and camp for just one night.

The cost is $20 per person; this includes dinner on Saturday night followed by a camp-fire (fire restrictions permitting). Payment is to be made in cash and will be collected at the camp.

Glenrock is right on the beach with a lagoon behind it, great for swimming and canoeing, as well as raft building! We will be taking the canoes as usual, and there will be plenty of craft and other activities for all ages.

Because the camp-site is Scout property, all camping must be in tents; that is, campervans and caravans are not permitted, and pets are not allowed. No alcohol is permitted.

There will be some cooking equipment provided by the Group and there are a number of family tents that can be borrowed if you do not have your own equipment. All Cubs, Scouts and Venturers will be accommodated in the Group’s tents, while Joeys will sleep with their families.

To help catering for Saturday night’s dinner, please RSVP by 3 March. You can RSVP using this online form. If you have a 4WD, ute or trailer that can be used to take equipment, please indicate on the form, as leaders will need some help packing the trailers on Thursday night (6 March).

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Queen Scout Presentation (Imogen Hicks)

Imogen Hicks was awarded her Queen Scout Award on Sunday 22 September 2013, capping off a decade-long career in the 1st Hornsby Heights Group.

Thank you to all of Imogen’s friends and family who came to Crosslands and made the the afternoon special.

The awarding of Imogen’s Queen Scout Award tips the gender balance on the Hornsby Heights books – there are now more girls than boys who have received their Queen Scout Award in the Group.

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